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FAQ : Blog &  Knowledge Video

Many  questions about the products from  our customers we have collected them and would like to describe you all in videos . If you have any questions more just let us know. We will make the easy and clearer  answer  for you more.

Q: What is Sola flower?

Q: How sola flower making process?


A: Sola flower is a native plant of Thailand. Originally a weed that had to be destroyed. But with the wisdom of ancient people,   See more>>

Q: How sola flower works?

Q: What is the duration of using sola flowers??


A: Sola flowers are made of porous and lightweight material, which makes them ideal for absorbing oil  See more>>

Q: How many types of raw material to make the home fragrance diffuser?

Q: How do different types of reed diffusers work?


A:    There are  many types of diffuser material. They work together with home fragrance. See more>>

Q: What is DIY sola flower?

Q: How to apply DIY sola flower for reed diffuser?


A:   See more>>

Q: How about sola wood material?

Q: How many types of  so la wood sheet?


A: Sola wood is obtained from the trunk of Sesbania wood and can be divided into three types  See more>>

Q: How to DIY color for sola flower?

Q: What are conditions of making color?


A:  Before starting your DIY project, it's important to understand some information about sola flowers  See more>>

Q: What is mulberry paper flower?

A: Mulberry paper flowers are made from the fibers of the mulberry tree and have properties See more>>

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