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Mulberry paper Flower 

What is Mulberry paper flower ?   

Mulberry  (Saa) paper are  the most popular handcraft in Northern of Thailand with its translucent and nature touch  texture . Mulberry paper flower  inspired by flowers and plants in the nature.  The flower can be applied to variance designs for use such as fragrance reed diffuser, flower arrangement , flower bouquet, flower string light decorative items for special occasion.






blue copy.jpg

Variance design of mulberry paper flower


all mulberry.jpg

How to apply them?



Flower reed diffuser.

how to.jpg

1.  Insert rattan reed stick into flower bottom.

2. Soak reed diffuser stick in fragrance bottle.

3. Decorate  with other dried flower.

4. Flower and reed stick will absorb and diffuse scent to your area

Scented bouquet.

Apply idea

With similar diffusion quality to sola flower but much more flexibility in design, the mulberry paper can bring your imagination to the reality.  It is flexible, durable, has unique texture that create natural feel and touch. It can be produced in large sheet, so it fits to all scales of decoration

Mulberry paper  can be applied to variance of activities and related business.

-  DIY craft

- Wedding decoration

- Home decoration

- Fashion accessories

- Hotel and spa.


Hair accessories

saa paper copy.jpg
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