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Company Profile

PLAWANATURE, established in 2015, is a community manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly products. We specialize in dried flowers, natural products, and handmade flowers made from materials like sola, rattan reed, bamboo, and natural dried leaves.

All of our products are handmade  with  high quality of material & craftsmanship

The products  are start produced from  large locally  craftsmanship community.  Our  policies and responsibilities  is  product development ,  Awareness  and training on craft working  to community members.  For  encouraging  hire  opportunities  and  increase  income distribution to the community,  particularly elderly  which can work  from  their home .


We have a wide category of artificial Flower for all purposes like wedding, party, Christmas, gift decoration . As an innovative company we are constantly developing new products to meet the customers everchanging needs.


International Trade Fair 

Hong Kong Gifts &Premium Fair 2019 by OSMEP

resize2 .jpg

Tokyo Giftex  2019 (Japan)  by SME Proactive


Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2018 by  SME IDOL 2018 project


Domestic  Project

Launching a new product line   "Senses Therapy"  by participating in a Thailand product development project for entrepreneurs "Craftsmanshift"  which is established by TCDC and  distributed products to the leading department stores in Thailand such as  Icon Siam, Siam Paragon, Emporium.

sense therapy.jpg

Global Export

We ship our products worldwide via air freight and sea freight. Our customers come from various countries, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They have the option to request specific packing methods and private labeling for their own personal brand, allowing us to meet their requirements.

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