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Sola Flower 2" Reed Diffuser Set

The 2-inch sola flower is a natural rattan reed used for diffuse fragrance oil. It's perfect for small-sized aromatherapy diffusers, such as those placed on your work desk. You can add a fun element by using brightly colored fragrances to make the flower look more vibrant. The color of the flower will change according to the color of the fragrance.

If you use it with a larger aromatherapy diffuser, you can have more fun by mixing and matching different types of sola flowers with various shapes and sizes. This will create a beautiful art piece of flower arrangements on top of the diffuser. The duration of fragrance diffuser will vary depending on the fragrance mixture, the size of the flower, and the room temperature.


All sets are include only flower with reed stick and not included home fragrance or bottle.

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