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Sola Flower Eco Crafts for Instant Happiness

If you're searching for a unique business venture or a quick makeover for a short-term event, consider using sola flowers. These flowers can instantly transform any space, creating a wonderful atmosphere filled with love. As a manufacturer of sola flowers in Thailand, we can provide you with beautiful blooms to enhance your setting instantly.

"Embrace Everlasting Sola Flowers for Lasting Joy"

Get to know Sola flower

Why sola flower?

Sola flowers are handmade artificial flowers made from natural sola wood originating in Thailand. They are known for their natural appearance and are often used in crafts, decorations, and weddings, especially in Aroma reed diffusers. Sola flowers can be shaped into various designs for their eco-friendly and sustainable qualities.

Sola wood flower  is one of good choice  for your special occasions

 with its everlasting but natural touch. 
Fresh Fades, Memories Hold

"Embrace Everlasting Sola Flowers for Lasting Joy"

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Eco-Friendly Design

Everlasting flower


Nature Touch Feeling

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How do sola flowers elevate value in business?

Functionality You Will Love


Eco-Friendly Option

Sola flowers are made from the natural plant, making them a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to traditional flowers.


Unique Aesthetic

Sola flowers have a unique and rustic aesthetic that can help businesses stand out and create a memorable impression on customers or clients.


Everlasting flower

Unlike fresh flowers, sola flowers do not wilt or die, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent appearance for businesses.



They can be used in a variety of ways, including as decorations, in bouquets, and even in crafts, offering businesses a versatile and creative option.

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Why Plawanature?

High quality raw materials and craftsmanship:

Our products undergo rigorous quality control processes. Thai craftsmanship is renowned worldwide, ensuring the excellence of our products.

Reasonable pricing

For sustainable business and livelihoods:

Our prices strike a balance between customer satisfaction and fair earnings for artisans, ensuring sustainable business practices.

Easy Contact:

We provide various communication channels for quick and convenient customer service, in contrast to local flower makers who may be hard to contact.


We can accommodate unique designs to meet your specific requirements or business needs. Whether size/ color / function/packing.


To avoid discrepancies, we provide samples for approval before production. Each flower and image on our website is our own creation, ensuring you receive the right item.

Informative design assistance:

Our design-focused approach allows customers to request recommendations that complement their decoration styles.

Instant availability:

We understand the need for last-minute plans, so we keep a variety of flower designs in stock for immediate pickup.

Small MOQ with a variety of sola flower designs:

We support small-scale businesses by offering a variety of designs in small quantities, allowing you to explore different options cost-effectively.

How sola flower  serve Eco Friendly?

Eco Friendly (1).jpg

Sola Wood Flowers: 5 Blooming With Ecological Benefits

  • From Weed to Wonder: Sola wood, once an invasive aquatic plant, is transformed into beautiful flowers through a sustainable upcycling process, helping to control its spread and restore natural balance.

  • Natural Beauty, No Chemicals: Handcrafted from this renewable resource, Sola flowers are completely free of harmful chemicals and dyes, making them a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional options.

  • Zero Waste Champion: Every piece of Sola wood is utilized. Leftovers are recycled into beautiful paper, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

  • Sustainable Elegance: Unlike cut flowers, Sola blooms last for years without wilting, requiring no water or pesticides, reducing your environmental footprint.

  • Diffusing Nature's Fragrance: Infuse your space with natural essential oils absorbed by your Sola flowers, enjoying a delightful scent without artificial fragrances or harmful sprays.

Creative Idea & Related sola flower business

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Sola Flower can be widened to expand to the related business.

Floral Industry / Decor & Gifting / Event Decorations / Fragrance Industry / Crafting & Education /Cultural Celebrations  / Craft Academy / Well being

The below are from our customer's experience and business.

Sola Flower Wholesale


Short on time?  

Big dreams for your event?

This set of 500 sola flowers is your answer!

For your instant flower events, there's no need to wait any longer. While handmade sola flowers typically take a long time to produce, we offer ready-to-buy sets of mixed variety designs with high-quality craftsmanship. These flowers are shipped expediently from Thailand and include free shipping.

Additionally, Many aspiring entrepreneurs want to launch their businesses with a

small investment but maximize their returns.

We understand this need, so we have created a random mix

set of 10 popular sola flower designs for your variety of choices.

Here's how this benefits you

  • Start small, dream big: This bulk set offers the most cost-effective price per flower, allowing you to start your business without a large upfront investment.

  • Variety is key: Experiment and discover your ideal style with 10 diverse designs. This gives you a solid foundation to explore trends and develop your signature creations.

  • No inventory risk: Sola flowers are always available in stock.

  • Seamless expansion: Start small and gradually expand your inventory as your business blossoms. This set provides the perfect springboard to test the market and refine your craft.

  • Packed for budget-friendly value: We designed this set to offer the most affordable price per flower, saving you money on your first sola purchase.

Promotion Today !!!

Buy wholesale set of 500 flowers 1 set any color.
Free sola flower diffuser  gift set 1 box + Free Shipping



Shipping with EMS typically takes 5-7 days for delivery to USA . However, please note that delivery times may vary depending on the customs process in each country.

Easy steps for customize order

1. Browse our catalog or customize your design.
2. Choose the quantity and specify the shipping country.
3. Receive a quote including price, shipping costs, and production time.
4. Confirm your order and make payment (Bank transfer/PayPal).
5. Receive a photo of the sample piece for approval.
6. Once approved, we'll start production.
7. Your order will be shipped to you.


 Standard Certification

Plawanature registered a United States trademark in 2019.


Customer feedback & review


Shippping / warranty

  • Wholesale orders typically ship by EMS take 5-7 days for delivery. 

  • Retail orders typically ship by EMS take 15-21 days for delivery. 

  • Our refund policy allows for refunds to be issued within 10 days after the customer has received the products.

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