Sola Flower 

What is Sola flower  


Sola flower made from Sesbania wood which is locally plant in Thailand. With the advantage of ecology  product, nature touch texture , oil absorption. They are usually applied with craftsmanship to be variance of purposes such as sola flower diffuser, artificial flower arrangement , wedding bouquet , decorative items.






Rose Sola Flower
Rose Sola Flower

Mixed sola flower
Mixed sola flower

Sola flower with rope
Sola flower with rope

Rose Sola Flower
Rose Sola Flower


What is Reed Diffuser


Reed diffuser is the great choice for air refrehener. They work together with home fragrance by soaking them in fragrance bottle. Aromas are cleverly absorbed by rattan reeds or rope and diffused by sola flower. Reed diffusers will give you a scent that's long-lasting than a candle and with no flames in the mix, more practical. 100% from natural material.








  • ​To relieve and reduce stressful

  • To relieve anxiety and improve your mood by invigorating.

  • Use as decorative items.


How to use them?


  • Glue the sticks  and insert into the bottom of flower top

  • Adjust reed  stick length to fit your fragrance bottle.

  • Soak reed diffuser or rope into the bottle to absorb and diffuse scent to your area.

  • Drop home fragrance into the middle of flower to use as  scented flower.

Apply ideas of sola flower



  • ​Replace fragrance into your favorite vase to use as home decoration

  • Apply for flower arrangement

  • Supply forDIY handcraft  decorative items.

  • Install with string light to use  for celebrate party.


Diamater 1"-2"

Natural Color Sola Flower


Diamater 3"-4"

Dye Sola Flower


Available for made to order whether design and color.