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What is DIY sola flower?

How to apply DIY sola flower for reed diffuser?


What is DIY sola flower?

How to apply DIY sola flower for reed diffuser?

If you order a DIY sola flower, what you will receive in the set is sola flower heads and rattan reed sticks. The advantages of ordering in this way are that you can use them for various purposes and it saves space during transportation, reducing shipping costs. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of flower damage compared to ordering pre-assembled diffuser flowers.

In case you want to use sola flowers as a diffuser, you will need the following items: sola flower heads, scissors, a drilling tool such as a small drill bit or a nail, and glue (latex glue works well for crafting purposes). The process involves just a few steps:

  • Trim the reed stick to have a pointed end. If the flower base is flat, you can insert the stick directly into it as it is easier to insert compared to other types.

  • If the flower base is hard and difficult to drill, you can use a drilling tool to make a hole and then insert the reed stick.

  • If you want to secure the flower head tightly to prevent it from coming off, you can use a small amount of glue. Apply a small dab of glue on one side of the pointed ends of the reed stick and insert it into the flower base. Be cautious not to use too much glue as it may interfere with the scent absorption.

  • If the flower base is uneven, making it difficult to insert the stick, you can use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the base slightly. This will make it easier to insert the stick.

  • When inserting the stick, rotate it slowly while using your other hand to hold the flower head from the sides to avoid damaging the petals.

  • Once you have inserted the flower head onto the stick, you can use it by placing it in your chosen fragrance oil bottle.

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