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What is mulberry paper flower?


What is mulberry paper flower?

Mulberry paper flowers are made from the fibers of the mulberry tree and have properties such as durability, flexibility, and the ability to be made into large sheets. They are more versatile in usage than sola flowers, which differ in texture. Mulberry paper flowers can be better controlled when dyeing and can absorb aroma oil similar to sola flowers. However, the production process of mulberry paper flowers involves the use of chemicals, so they are not 100% natural materials

The process begins with selecting high-quality mulberry tissue. The chosen mulberry tissue is then soaked in a water-filled basin to make it soft and pliable. Afterward, it is boiled to make the tissue more fibrous and separate the mulberry fibers. The fibers are then beaten by hand or using a beating machine to separate the mulberry fibers and form paper tissue. The goal is to ensure that the fibers do not clump together and that the tissue has a consistent texture.


The obtained tissue is then washed to remove impurities and bleached to achieve a white color. Once bleached, the tissue is ready for the dyeing process. It is then taken to the papermaking stage, where a frame with a mesh is used to scoop the tissue from the basin, allowing the excess water to drain. The tissue is then laid out to dry in the sun until it becomes dry and sticks together, forming paper sheets. Once fully dried, the paper sheets are peeled off from the frame.


Finally, the paper sheets are ready for further processing to create mulberry paper flower handicraft products.

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