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What are the materials used to make diffusers?
How  different types of diffusers work?


What are the materials used to make diffusers?

There are  many types of diffuser material. They work together with home fragrance.

Natural material

  1. Rattan reed stick (natural color)

  2. Ivory branch (natural color)

  3. Dried plant (Some types)

Synthetic material

  1. Fiber reed stick

  2. Cotton rope

  3. Cotton rope with wire


How  different types of diffusers work?

1. Rattan reed sticks are made of 100% natural material and have a wood grain texture. They are the most popular choice for attaching to sola flowers, providing stability to the arrangement. However, the absorption capability of rattan reed sticks may vary due to their natural properties. It's important to note that dye colors can wash out into the oil, and chemical processes like bleaching can alter the scent and texture of the reeds. Despite these factors, rattan reed sticks remain highly favored for reed diffusers.

2. Ivory branches and dried plants maintain their natural appearance and texture, retaining their freeform shapes. However, they cannot be attached to sola flowers.

3. Fiber reed sticks are made of synthetic material, allowing for standardized sizes and consistent quality in each piece. They have excellent absorption and diffusion capabilities. However, if you intend to attach them to sola flowers, they are brittle and cannot be bent, making them unsuitable for flower arrangements.

4. Cotton rope, when attached to sola flowers, requires the bottom of the flower to be secured to the bottle neck since the soft rope lacks stability.


5. Cotton rope with wire can be bent and shaped due to the presence of wire. This type allows for creative decoration of fragrance bottles, resembling flower vases. It offers an adjustable diffuser option, providing a fresh look for home fragrance diffusers.

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