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Product Description

  • Made of tropical plant wood which is a natural material. Reed diffuser stick made from rattan wood.
  • The set includes 4 white peony bride dreams, 4 rare pink peony sola flower heads with 8 detached rattan reed sticks.
  • Product is delicate so please handle them with care. Attach by inserting the sharpened reed stick into the flower bottom and a little glue.
  • The flower has no scent in itself and needs to work together with diffuser fragrance oil. Apply by soak stick into your aroma oil bottle to absorb and diffuse scent as home fragrance aromatherapy. Single-use, Lifetime depends on fragrance ingredient and flower size.
  • A cascading bouquet features flowers that trail down gracefully, creating a waterfall-like effect. It's a classic and romantic choice for weddings.
  • Produce and ship from Thailand via airmail 21-30 days or less than to delivery. 
  • All duty and import tax will be responsible by customer

Cascading Bouquet Set 8 DIY Peony Sola Flower 3" Reed Diffuser

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