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Product Description

Hibiscus symbolizes beauty, femininity, and delicate grace, making it a representation of love, passion, and warm hospitality. Its vibrant colors convey joy and celebration, while the flower's intricate nature embodies positive change and transformation. These qualities collectively make the hibiscus a widely appreciated and symbolic floral emblem.

  • Made of natural material, flowers made from tropical wood, reed sticks made from rattan. Eco-friendly product.
  • Set of 5 pcs sola flower with rattan reed stick 8". Flower size 3" Adjustable blooming with wire in petal.
  • Naturally scentless. To use as a reed diffuser, apply a reed diffuser by soaking the cotton wick diffuser into the aroma fragrance bottle to absorb and diffuse the scent around your area.
  • Produce and ship from Thailand via airmail 21-30 days or less than to delivery. 
  • All duty and import tax will be responsible by customer.

5 White Rare Pink Hibiscus Sola Flower 3" Reed Diffuser Sticks

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