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Product Description

The happy sunflower epitomizes nature's vibrant beauty with its golden petals reaching towards the sun, radiating warmth and joy. Its cheerful demeanor symbolizes resilience, brightening landscapes and hearts alike. A source of inspiration, the sunflower reflects the profound importance of optimism, reminding us to embrace positivity in every aspect of life. 

  • Natural material. Handcraft sola flower made of local Fabaceae plant wood from Thailand. Reed diffuser stick made from rattan
  • The diffuser set includes 5 Sola Flowers (not including a vase and fragrance). Flower diameter 3 ", Reed length 8"
  • Naturally scentless. Soak the rattan stick in your aroma oil to absorb and diffuse the fragrance for a delightful home fragrance experience. 
  • Single-use, Lifetime depends on fragrance ingredient and flower size.
  • Sunflowers make it an excellent choice for various occasions, including love and romance, growth and new beginnings, celebration, and joy.
  • Produce and ship from Thailand via airmail in 15-21 days or less than delivery. 
  • All duty and import tax will be the responsibility of the customer.

5 Happiness Sunflower Rare Pink Sola Flower 3" Reed Diffuser

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