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Kokedama Diffuser Set

Kokedama diffuser set. It’s inspired by Kokedama, which is old tradition Japanese hanging gardening art. With ball-shaped soil covered with moss and weaving around the ball with vine. They are beautiful compositions made with ferns, flowering plants, bamboo or succulents.


From this concept We design  diffuser set that will create a unique look and diffuse aromatic scent in your indoor  space .This can be serve as a free standing decoration unit or hanging garden.

Apply  as free standing vase :

  1.  Open oil bottle cap  insert  the bottle from bottom of rattan ball .

  2.   Pull the bottle neck throughout  the top woven rattan  to lock it

  3.  Open oil bottle cap.

  4.   Insert the flower into the bottle and decorate it.

Apply  as hanging pot:

  1. Turn the rattan ball  hole on top.

  2. Install hanging rope.

  3. Open oil bottle cap .Insert the bottle  into the top hole

  4. Insert the diffuser flower into the bottle and decorate.

  5. Hang  the set indoor.

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Kokedama Product Set

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