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PLAWANATURE   We are Thailand-based social enterprise who is so passionate about nature & design.

We mix the beauty of nature with home decoration  design experience into our products. Our major export is artificial flowers. But “artificial” in our term is  not other synthetic material you can think of. We use “100% natural material.


Since Thailand has abundant natural resources which is the source of exotic raw materials that can be expanded into the variance decorative designs. Wide  range of our  products are available to made ​​to order, We have designer consulting team in case of requires additional design improvements to meet customer satisfaction.



Sola Flower


Mulberry Paper  Flower

Dried Plant

Featured Products

Diffuser Set.

Sola Flower Box

Scented Flower Bouquet

Aroma  Hanging Garden

Miniature Potscape

The Frame

Flower Bouquet Diffuser

Dreid Flower Pot

Whatever Bouquet

The Scented of Wildlife


Kokedama Set

Overall Products Introduction

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