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Bouquet Fragrance Diffuser Set

Sensory exposure ways .Underneath concept of 

“ scent and scene” unless you get an air freshener, but you still have a visual freshener.  This  offer you to get  feeling better twice as well. Each of bouquet has  its own concept  , meaning  for appropriate  to each special occasion  such as,


Marriage               :  White rose bouquet

Blessing gift         :  Peony bouquet

Romantic  lively   :  Pastel mixed color bouquet

Scented of wild life :  Momo flower  with  a bird nest.

Home fragrance set 80 ml
Home fragrance set 120 ml

Available to customize bouquet design  mixed with  aroma oil to meet your requirement. We  have 12  relaxation scent of aroma oil  for your selection as follows,

  •  Pepper mint 

  •  Lavender

  •  Cherry Blossom

  •  Frangipani

  •  Wild Water Plum (Mok)

  •  Rose

  •  Sandal Wood

  •  Orchid

  •  Lemon Grass

  •  Hug

  •  Posie

  •  Eucalyptus

  •  Green Tea

  •  Hyacinth

  • Apple  & Rose

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