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Product Description

Peonies, revered for their exquisite beauty, represent prosperity, romance, and good fortune in various cultures. With lush petals and captivating fragrance, they symbolize love, compassion, and a prosperous life. These timeless blooms, significant in art and culture, epitomize grace and abundance, enriching gardens and ceremonies with their enchanting presence.

  • Eco-friendly Material: Our sola flower is crafted from natural tropical herbaceous wood, making it a sustainable choice that seamlessly blends beauty with environmental consciousness.
  • The Set included 2 sola flowers diameter of 3". with a cotton wick for the diffuser.
  • Naturally scentless. Apply as a reed diffuser by soaking the cotton wick diffuser into the aroma fragrance bottle to absorb and diffuse the scent around your area.
  • The flower decoration style is perfect for flower arrangements, crafts, wreaths, centerpieces, bouquets, garlands, wedding décor, Table Décor.
  • Produce and ship from Thailand via airmail 21-30 days or less than to delivery. 
  • All duty and import tax will be responsible by customer.

2 Purple Peony Lotus Sola Flower 3" with Cotton Wick Diffuser

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