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Scented Hanging Garden

Because the aroma is not necessarily come in the form of an aroma oil  bottle.

These natural dried plant can absorb and diffuse  aroma oils as well. This concept is developed from the working  of potpourri  in  different ways that  you can design by yourself.  This is the unique of freshness you create  by your hand.


Just design and arrange your mini garden  then apply by direct drop few of aroma oil  into the middle of flower. The scent  will be diffuse  around the unit.


One of brand new gardening design is vertical gardening. To decorate your wall and air freshen your room at the same time. This is the flexible set  you can design both flower arrangement and match  aroma diffuse method.


  The  burlap bag set contains aroma diffuser stuffs.

1.Aroma oil bottle    

2.Reed diffuser stick

3.Flower diffuser 

4.Sago bag


Aroma can be worked from many ways , you can choose one from these,

1.Insert diffuser stick  or flower  in oil bottle.

2.Directly drop few of aroma oil  into the middle of flower.

3.Drop few of aroma oil into the sago bag.


After all  , enjoy decoration and hang the burlap bag on your wall.  We recommend you to design  flower arrangement first to make the perfect composition , then select  aroma method  that match to your design.

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