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Scented  Flower Bouquet

Sensory exposure ways .Underneath concept of   “ scent and scene” unless you get an air freshener, but you still have a visual freshener.  This  offer you to get  feeling better twice as well. Each of bouquet has  its own concept  , meaning  for appropriate  to each special occasion  such as,


Marriage               :  White rose bouquet

Blessing gift         :  Peony bouquet

Romantic  lively   :  Pastel mixed color bouquet

Dyeing Color

Dye Sola wood , The unique feature is  uneven color due to several factors including the temperature of the dye. The thickness of the sola sheet , The ability to absorb the colors of each sola wood , Natural color of raw material.  These differentiate features become charming of  flowers. You will have different colors from each dye which could  makes it similar to real flowers.

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